Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Big Boys...And Big Toys

If you live long enough on a street you'll see big trucks and big diggers arrive and dig up that street. Last week and this week have been our turn. Apparently, due to a building project to the north, we have to endure street repairs as they put in a new water line.

The crew assigned has done a great job. Hopefully, they're closer to being done than having begun. It is fascinating to watch a skilled heavy equipment operator do his/her job. What they can do with these massive machines is remarkable. Back before I got my current job, I worked a summer on an excavation crew. It was hard work, but very interesting work. And years later, my cousin's husband's crew--the same crew I worked years earlier--dug out the mountain next to where we were living and put in a road. Because of that work, we're able to live in our house today.

My wife said watching the men dig up our street today reminded her of when they put in the road fourteen years ago. I can definitely understand that feeling. There's something to be said about having a job where you can actually see you've done something. I push digital papers all day--it's sometimes hard to see what I've accomplished. 

Soon the big diggers will be gone and replaced by smoothers and pavers, and after they're done, we'll have our street back. And the big boys will take their big toys to play on someone else's street.

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