Saturday, April 1, 2017

Barns And Noble...You Can Just Tell

Why is it that ALL Barnes & Noble Bookstores smell the same? Tonight my oldest son and youngest son and I entered a Barnes & Noble Bookstore close to our house and it smelled just like all the other Barnes & Noble Bookstores I've ever entered.

I don't know why it is.

But I know, when I open that door, exactly where I am.

Today was my oldest son's birthday and while his siblings were at a social gathering, I took the other boys out for a night on the town. Our goal was to find dessert for the birthday boy. We can't go just anywhere due to food sensitivities my children have. One place we know a lot about the nutritional composition of their food is Barnes & Noble. We know this because the birthday boy works as a barista at the very Barnes & Noble Bookstore we visited tonight. As far as finding a delicious dessert--mission accomplished.

I wanted to go to the bookstore for a few reasons. I wanted to see if they had any copies of Dave Butler's Witchy Eye. They did and I picked up my copy. I also ran into someone who bought one of my books at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX two weeks ago. I'm going to blog about that later--it was surreal and very cool.

Yes, there's just something about a Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Good books, delicious snacks, and an opportunity to support amazing authors. It's one of the best places on earth and they all seem to smell the same.

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