Friday, March 31, 2017

I Love The Mountains Of Ogden, Utah...

Driving home from the bus stop earlier in the week I glanced over to see a snow-covered Ben Lomond Mountain. In Utah County, just south of Salt Lake, they have Mount Timpanogos, above the Salt Lake Valley you'll find Mount Olympus, but I'd take Ben Lomond Mountain over both of them. It's simply beautiful.

I have a friend who lives at its base. I'll bet waking up to that view each day is a treat. But, as we are sometimes prone to do, maybe it gets ordinary when you see it everyday. Maybe not. I know that many people have posted pictures of their hikes on both Mount Timpanogos and Mount Olympus, but I don't see a lot of pictures posted from Ben Lomond. It could be it's not as accessible as the other peaks. Maybe I just have more friends who live in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

I once heard, and it's confirmed by Wikipedia (so it must be true...) that Ben Lomond Mountain is the original mountain used by Paramount Pictures for their logo. Per Wikipedia, William W. Hodkinson, founder of Paramount, sketched the mountain on a napkin during a meeting. He would have been quite familiar with the peak--Hodkinson having spent time there and having opened up one of the first movie theater in Ogden. Of course, the Wikipedia page for William, or W.W. Hodkinson, states the logo was actually Pikes Peak (another beautiful mountain...). It's possible since he was born in Pueblo, Colorado. Is the logo Pikes Peak, or Ben Lomond? Too bad we can't ask him--he passed away in 1971.

Famous logo origination or not, it doesn't much matter in the grand scheme of things. So if you're traveling in Northern Utah, just look up. It's definitely worth it and you'll be glad you did.

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