Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Participating On The Legendarium Podcast...Had A Blast!

I thought my chance to appear on The Legendarium Podcast had come and gone. My friend, Todd, a regular cast member, asked if I would like to record with them in discussing Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet: Dauntless. Unfortunately, I was out of town that Saturday. Turns out, I didn't miss my opportunity at all. We recorded last Monday night.

I had a good time.

I've blogged about this podcast before. It's a thinking-man's (or woman's...) podcast. The regulars, Craig, Kenn, Ryan, and Todd have built a solid body of work over the years covering many authors and subjects. The group sets a good tone with a mixture of smart dialogue and witty banter. 

For me, what sets this podcast apart from many others is the depth at which they cover a topic. When they discuss a book, they've all not only read that book, but have taken notes, bring up specific passages in the book, and analyze it like few do. Much of the time Monday night I was taking it all in, as if I was a listener and not necessarily a participant.

But they did include me and I was able to give some opinions that were, hopefully, helpful to the listeners. You can access all the podcast at their website: HERE. Click on the Dauntless episode. 

Years ago, I started a podcast. I think I recorded less than ten episodes. One of the things that first impressed me with Craig and his set up was the equipment--it was first-rate! I've worked around recordings and electronics for years. Craig does not skimp--let me tell you. And you can definitely hear it in the quality of the broadcasts. It's first-rate as well, so much so, I only got pictures of the microphones.

I may never get another opportunity to join the gang and discuss fantastic literature. But I did get to do this one and it was fun. Thank Craig and Todd for sharing the mic!

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