Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blast From The Past...Winter Journal 1992 Vol. 2

And today, I present the rest of my walk down memory lane. This particular journal (Journal #14, by the way--I'm currently on Journal #64...) extends into the summer of 1992, the last day written was the entry for June 3. And June means graduation and marriages.

Here's the program for our A'cappella concert. You can even see who was in that fantastic group. We were working on songs for our European choir tour--an absolutely amazing experience! Maybe one of these days I'll take pictures of the things in that journal.

Even though there were many things that attracted me to my wife, one was her musical talents. I was lucky enough to see her perform in Hale Center Theater's production of Brigadoon. She played Jean, and if you're familiar with the musical, Jean gets married in the show. That was a bit surreal watching my fiancee get married on stage. She did great in the show, by the way.

With graduation came senior recitals. We all got pretty close in that choir--great talent and even better people. Corinne definitely fits that description.

Another choir member gained notoriety for another reason, he was a U of U poster boy! Yes, that Mat-Bill.

I included an embarrassing note from someone (I forgot who gave me that...), an apologetic note from Daron, the same Daron who gave me a Christmas card (see previous blog post...) and who passed away, and hand-written note on how to handle stress. For all of the kids out there, this is the way we remembered things before the internet. We wrote things down and put them somewhere to save. My, how things have changed.

And since it was the time for weddings, I tried including announcements and the accompanying photos whenever possible. In this particular journal, I found the announcements for Angela and Erek and Tammara Lynn and Daren. As far as I know, both marriages are still going strong.

And that's a few of the things you'll find in Journal #14 comprising a daily blog post covering December 5, 1991 to June 3, 1992. I'm glad Bob asked me to check something in my journal. It's probably one of the only times I've looked at it in twenty-five years. I should do this again with my other journals. I've only got sixty-three more journals to go.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Scotty. Yes, our marriage is still going great. Fun fact.....we were married in Los Angeles in the middle of the LA riots. Fires and gunshots everywhere!