Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bard's Tower...Towering With Talent

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It you're attending Salt Lake Comic Con FanX March 17 and 18, MAKE SURE you stop by and check out Bard's Tower, Booth #701. If you get lost, just look up and you'll see the imposing (yet, strangely comforting...) faces of famous authors. Follow those faces until reach the tower of talent. At which time you'll be affected by the power of the tower, dare I say, hypnotized (I dare...). You may unknowingly retrieve your wallet, or other cash-storage device, and volume after volume of incredible literature, all of which you will not only want, but need.

Don't fight it--just give in to its influence.

Bard's Tower will house some of the state's most successful authors, all willing to not only sign your purchased books, but will do it with a smile, and--time willing--you may get a tale. One thing authors love to do is tell stories.

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I've attended several Salt Lake Comic Cons (every one, actually...) and I've always passed by the booth with reverenced awe. The people who stop love to read. The people behind the booth love to satisfy the needs the reader have. It's a combination that works, and works well. And at this convention I will be behind the booth finding out what people like to read and doing my best to get the right books into the hands of those wanting.

"So, what do you like to read?"

I hope to ask that question over and over again, until, alas, on Saturday night Bard's Tower descends from its lofty hight  only to be stored, waiting its time to rise again to a new audience, to new readers,  readers eager to receive fantastic stories wth characters that come to life off the page.

If you're attending Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Friday and Saturday, please drop by and say "hi." If you're a reader (and who isn't...?), it's an amazing place. I'll be sure to do my best to get you the right book(s). After all, you may be powerless to avoid Bard's Tower. Just try and prove me wrong.

* Bard's Tower photographs courtesy of Bard's Tower Facebook Page:

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