Monday, March 20, 2017

Blast From The Past...Winter Journal 1992 Vol. 1

My friend Bob asked me a question last week. Back in the spring of 1992 he and I joined a group of students from the University of Utah on a camping trip. We visiting some of the most amazing places in America. Bob asked me if I could reference my journal from 1992 and let him know exactly when we went on our trip. I'd said I'd be glad to. Luckily, I remembered his request and pulled down the journal.

And suddenly, it was twenty-five years ago.

Except for my missionary journals, I've always used three ring binders as journals. I've loved being able to use my journal as a scrapbook, of sorts. I found the dates. I remembered about when it was because after the trip we came home to the knowledge that California was on fire due to the Rodney King Riots that took place while we were gone. We knew nothing about the riots (this was pre-internet, mind you...). Tonight, I messaged Bob, gave him the dates, but I didn't put away the journal just yet.

1992 was quite the year for me. I met my wife, proposed (thankfully, she said, yes...), graduated with my undergrad degree, toured Europe, returned to my old mission, and got married. We remember the big things, and usually remember the important dates, but looking at the things I put in my journal made me remember so much more. There was so much, I'll need two blog entries to include all the stuff.

My journal included Christmas, 1991. I found several Christmas cards from many friends, one friend who passed away shortly after.

There was a card from the Fraternity/Sorority committee complete with their signatures.

I attended a hockey game at the then Delta Center. I believe this was the first sporting event held at that venue.

Then came the infamous U of U Choir Retreat, the place where I first met the woman I was going to marry.

And I included the ticket stub to where I took her on our first date. I can't remember who won--must have been concentrating on other things...

I found the flyer for one of the more interesting fraternity tradition: The ∆X Scamofolage. The goal: go to the BYU campus in Provo, Utah, and see if we could get dates. We would all meet at an agreed upon location at the end of the night to see who was successful, and who wasn't. Check out our lame "pick-up lines." They're classics!

Of course, not everything was fun. I lost a friend that year--I'm sure many people lost many friends during that time. I'm glad I put Shauna's obituary into my journal all those years ago. It brought back some bittersweet memories.

Next blog post--more pictures from 1992, more experiences, more of the life that was.

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