Saturday, March 4, 2017

After A Decade...I Guess It's Time To Get A New Couch

It's one of those things you think about then you go shopping for stuff, like when you go to IKEA in January to just look around. But after a decade, we decided--or, I should say Costco helped us decide--to finally buy a new couch.

We have sort of an odd shaped house. It's modeled after an A-frame cabin so the end of the house juts out. It makes things not line up, especially furniture, which is designed to line up to things like walls and such. Around ten years ago we drove down to RC Willey and picked out a couch, a big L-shaped one that had enough room for the whole family.

In that decade our kids have grown. They grew up sitting on our couch, watching TV and playing video games. The kids have done homework on it, my daughter's crocheted sweaters and other treasures, and she's read libraries of books sitting on that couch. Our dog could once spring lively up on and off of it, but no longer...she's just too old.

But material things--like all things--can't last forever. And so it was time. We found a killer deal at Costco, almost 50% off--clearance (we like that word...). It took two trips to get the three large boxes home, and I spent the rest of the day hauling out the old one and hauling in the new one and re-arranging the stuff we're keeping so that our new couch has a home.

Once it was inside and set up, the kids chose their "spots," or some of the kids did, anyway. It's funny how much of an impact a small thing like changing the furniture can be. The kids will be picking a new spot for Santa to deposit their Christmas gifts. We'll need to remember those spots as well.

The last couch lasted about a decade. I have no idea how long this one will last. Time will tell.

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