Saturday, March 18, 2017

What I Didn't Do This Weekend...

I can't remember the last time when I didn't watch at least one college basketball game during the first round of the NCAA National Basketball Tournament. Sure, I have my favorites, usually local teams that have earned the right to compete. The locals fell short of the Big Dance, and bowed out early in the not-so-big-dances.

On a normal Thursday through Saturday late in March I would be at least watching a game or two, usually with my computer plunking out something on a story. This year, I've only checked scores--no games. It was because I was preoccupied with another event in town, one that took so much time and energy. The event's over, and I am as tired as I can be.

Like almost everyone who works during the week, I look forward to weekends. We do grocery shopping, get the laundry done, take kids to the places they need to go. Didn't do any of those things either. It throws things off, messes up the schedule. But is that bad? I suppose it could be. I like having several days to get all those things done. I like helping out with the dishes and the shopping and the laundry.

As our kids have gotten older, I thought things would slow down, but jut the opposite has happened. It could be that things are just as crazy and we're just getting old. After a weekend of standing on my feet talking to people about what they like to read sure makes me feel old.

After a "normal" weekend, I'd go to work early Monday morning a little sleepy, mostly because of the lack of sleep. Personally, I'll consider it a triumph if I can get out of bed tomorrow. Time will tell.

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