Monday, March 27, 2017

Decisions, Decisions, And I Chose...

Because of craziness around the house, we got take out for tonight's dinner. When we plan meals for the week, or more correctly, when my wife plans the weekly meals (she does most of the planning...) we don't schedule "eating out" as one of the choices.

But, it happens, as many of you know.

Tonight I ordered for everyone and I decided to get a meal because we wanted to get one large order of fries. The gal behind the counter than proceeded to give me this huge cup and I thought, "that's a lot of soda."

This last weekend I spent away from home and I drank a lot of pop. I'd like to think I'm not a pop drinker. I used to have some everyday and then I stopped. I even went about six months without a drop. I honestly thought I wouldn't ever drink it again.

Nope, I caved. But I don't drink it a lot and as I held that empty cup looking at my choices, nothing looked good. I know just how bad that sugary liquid is for me so there's that. I ended up loading it with ice then filling it to the brim with water. I know I paid for a huge cup of water (that's usually free...), but it was probably the best then for me anyway.

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