Friday, March 3, 2017

"Masterminds"...Right Flick, Right Time

We rented a little movie last night called Masterminds. We don't see films in the theater very often, so it was a RedBox event. You know how there are some films you hear about, but they don't stay long in the theaters so they sort of disappear until they re-appear a few months later in the RedBox menu?

Yeah, so do we.

I don't know where I heard about Masterminds, but at some point someone said they thought it was a pretty funny movie. So, I thought I'd give it a shot. After all, we needed a good laugh. It's been a crazy week.

Masterminds is about a true story of one of the biggest robberies in United States history. In 1997 a group of people robbed an armored car company of $17 million. The movie's a wacky comedy. Which makes the fact that they are telling a true story all the more interesting. There's A-List talent in this film, many Saturday Night Live alums. The characters are dorky and inept, but you like them--they're endearing. 

The biggest surprise of the film for me was its director. Jaren Hess of Napoleon Dynamite fame directed the film and one of the writers, Hubbel Palmer, is a Utah screenwriter who wrote and starred in Humble Pie, a film my good friend Steve was in. It had many Hess-onian moments, which we love.

The fact that Masterminds was taken from real events is amazing. Imagine if Raising Arizona was based on a real kidnapping. Yeah, it's like that. But I've heard Raising Arizona is one of Jared Hess's favorite movies (I think I read that somewhere...). I know the people Masterminds is based on cannot be that stupid or zany. Then again, maybe they are.

Yes, last night we needed a good laugh, and thankfully, Masterminds delivered.

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