Sunday, March 12, 2017

The LDS Temple In Copenhagen Denmark Is 5004 Miles From Me...And Apparently You Can't Drive There From Here

Ever get bored at church? No, me neither. But if you ever are, and you have access to personal electronics and the internet, there's no end to boredom-eliminating apps out there. I saw a recent Facebook post where a former LDS missionary was returning to Denmark and he wanted to know about good restaurants/bakeries he could visit while he was there.

It got me thinking.

Just how far away is the LDS temple in Denmark from where I live.

Turns out it's 5,004 miles.

So, I decided to ask the great app for detailed directions of how I could get from here to there. As it calculated, I thought it might say something like, "Drive to the airport, catch a plane, then take such-and-such a road to this road, then go five miles until reach another road, then turn left."

It did not give me these directions. It did not give me any directions. I guess you can't drive from North America to Scandinavia. Well, as Top Gear proved, you can modify a car/truck to be amphibious so technically, you could drive to Europe. I guess the app didn't take that into consideration.

It's been twenty-five years since I walked on Danish soil. When I was originally there and when I returned, the building at 12 Priorvej, just off Borups Allé was not a temple, but a church house--still a religious destination. I'd like to see it again. And it's only 5,004 miles away.

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  1. I'd like to see it again to. Maybe next year except i always say that.