Monday, March 6, 2017

Let The Development Begin...

If it weren't for the snow we got last night, you wouldn't be able to see the newly carved road on our mountain. The deep rich dirt would most likely blend into the dead-from-winter landscape. Of course, the closer you got, you'd see the machines responsible for the moved earth. The new development--at least, the huge physical details--has begun.

We live just south of where all these new houses have gone. Our community, at least the central part of the city, underwent a little battle a few years ago. Lines were drawn, even yard signs were made, and neighbors chose sides. You were either for the development, against it, or you just didn't care. There were probably few in that last category because everyone seemed to have an opinion about the matter.

So did I.

But I didn't tell many people what that was. I didn't put up a sign, even though they're going to be cars going up and down the street next to ours. I didn't come out for or against on Facebook, or other social media platforms, even though many of my neighbors did. It's just not something I do.

I can definitely understand both sides. Those who live here don't want things to change. They like their mountain the way it is, and since these will be big lots with big houses, those moving in will most likely have more income than those whose homes theirs will tower over.

Maybe if I were a kid, I'd be upset, too. After all, I spent a lot of time on that mountain, right were those houses will be. Even though it wasn't, I felt like it was my mountain.

But, on the other hand, this development will bring in new people--we don't know who yet, but people who want to live her with us. They want to raise their kids here and be able to see those amazing sunsets.

One thing both sides seem to agree on is that they love their community. One side thinks the change will take something away, make it different, make it worse. But if it's so wonderful, why stop others from enjoying it, too?

Now, though, it's a moot point. All the signs are down and people have pretty much stopped talking about it because it's going through. Will the community suffer, or will it be enriched by the infuse of new people? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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