Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tune My Heart...

I've only been a member of one religion all my life, so I don't how know they do things in other churches. I do know how the Mormons do things, at least, how they do things now. Each Sunday we have three hours of meetings and we sing songs. In those three hours, we usually sing three to four songs during the first meeting, almost none the second meeting, and at least one during the last meeting. The kids, under twelve-years old sing a lot more. I guess when they're singing, they're not talking.

Then there are church choirs. Within our religion, there's a lot of things said of church choirs. It's because sometimes a congregation can have a lot of talent found within its borders. Normally, I've found that within any given congregation, there's plenty of talent. Whether or not those with talent choose to share those talents is what can make or break a church choir. 

Today, during our first meeting, our choir sang one of my favorite songs, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. Before the meeting began, we sang through the number a few times. As we began, three words in the first line caught my attention. "Tune my heart." I've sung that song dozens of times and never noticed those three words. Tune, a musical term. Tune my heart to sing thy grace.

I don't know much about other religions, but I suspect most, if not all, incorporate music as part of their worship service. Different deities, different customs, different rules, they all share one thing, a connection, and that's music. What would we do without it?

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