Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yeah, I've Got The Time...Times Two

Today at work I wore two wrist watches. My long sleeve shirt prevented any strange looks or awkward questions. Why would I wear two watches, especially during a time when fewer and fewer people even wear one?

Because of a dead battery.

I've had a few battery-powered watches in my day, but they all end up in a drawer or on a shelf. I bought a semi-nice watch a few years ago at a thrift store and I wore it daily. That is, until the battery died. Since it had been a while since I replaced a watch battery, I thought I'd take it someplace that sold watch batteries and they'd change it for me.


I had to do it myself. It shouldn't be a big deal to swap out a battery, but I ended up scuffing up the crystal face pretty good. We bought a couple of nice watches for me and my son two years ago and both needed the battery changed. I ended up completely cracking both crystals faces, so much so, I  basically destroyed both.

So, when the battery on my new watch died again (which seemed to die rather quickly...), I decided to try my old wind-up watches and see how'd they do. It's been a while since I wore either of them, so I wore them both.

Conclusion: they both kept time very well. The Bulova's a nicer watch than the Elgin, and it's self-winding, but the wristband is a little tight. I doubt I'll wear two watches again, but it was kind of fun today.

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