Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Sure Hope They Made It...

We have one little apricot tree, a single tree that--weather permitting--produces quite a few apricots. They're small, but good.

I grew up across the street from where we live now. Decades ago, my parents bought about ten acres on the hillside and Dad built his house in an apricot and cherry orchard. There's still a few of those at least fifty-year old trees remaining. Those living in the house Dad built now watch after the old tree.

Funny thing about apricots, sometimes the fruit doesn't survive the spring. Since we live in the mountains, and since the weather in those mountains can be a tad fickle (but not as fickle as some think it to be...), we get the occasional snowstorm in April/May. It happened last Saturday.

Tonight I hiked up to our little apricot tree to do a little inspection. I saw several baby apricots--I'm sure there's a scientific name for them. And since my arboreal knowledge is slim at best, I have no idea if the fruit has survived the storm. Perhaps seeing the little apricots means they have. I do know one thing, time will let us know if they survived or not.

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