Saturday, April 29, 2017

Not The Best Weekend To Be Without Heat...

It's generally known that the weather in the Intermountain West can sometimes be unpredictable (except every year people seem to forget that fact...). Case in point, it snowed at our house yesterday, not much, but snow nonetheless.

Not a good time to be without heat.

The day before the late April storm hit, we got our furnace checked. Turns out there were a couple of cracks in the system and it needs to be fixed. The problem is, the repairman won't have the parts until after the weekend. Normally, having the heat off a few days before the beginning of May isn't an issue. That's not the case this year.

Another plus to our situation is the home itself. We designed it to allow a flood of winter sunlight in. If the sun were out yesterday, the house would have warmed right up. Clouds prevented that. Today we had sun and things got better. Hopefully, the same thing will happen tomorrow and each day until the furnace is fixed. Of course, by then we could be in the 80s and we'd have no need for the furnace.

Several months ago we were getting hammered by telemarketers selling solar panels. They called almost daily. What I should have told them when they called is what my wife said when she and I discussed all the calls. I should have said that we already have solar heat in our house. Too bad, but after we came up with that undeniable excuse, the calls stopped.


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