Monday, April 10, 2017

Retreat To The House On The Hill...The Third

There's a place where the valley meets the mountains, where creativity flows along the foothills like low-lying clouds before a summer storm. Each year, a troupe of dedicated artists gather, each staking a claim to their own fortress of solitude within a roofed sanctuary. 

All in an attempt to further creation.

Some traveled hundreds of miles, others across the valley, and a blessed few need only wake up from their bedroom, traverse the hallway, and begin to write. No matter how far they've come, they share a common goal, to get as much work done as possible. And when the writing's done, the gaming begins--and it's serious gaming, not Sorry, or Chutes and Ladders, though I imagine they would play to win those games as well.

This year's event marks the third anniversary of the Retreat to the House on the Hill, and my soldiers in the cause have already begun their mission. Alas, I will not be part of this year's retreat. Commitments have called me elsewhere, but I am grateful to receive an invitation. 

So, I raise a literary toast (a blog post...) to my fellow authors. May your typos be few and your word count be huge! Write well, you chosen, you blessed, you storytellers to the masses. I'll be with you in spirit and look forward to the Retreat, the Fourth!

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