Saturday, May 5, 2018

Attending A Nerd Wedding Reception...

When I was a teenager, something you didn't want to be called was a nerd, or a geek. Those were not compliments. I imagine to many those terms are still an insult. Over the past five years or so I've spent a lot of time with self-described nerds and geeks, and because of this, those terms mean something different. To me, they're compliments of the highest degree.

Tonight, my wife and I attended a wedding reception of our friends's daughter. From the very beginning, we knew a lot about the bride and groom. They were not ashamed of their nerd-ery. In fact, they embraced it. Our first clue was the a huge Star Wars poster that served as a sign-in book.

Very cool!

Next, a table displayed items the happy couple felt were important to them. In addition to original artwork and school degrees, there were novels written by prominent fantasy authors, journals, card games, a fencing helmet, and even a Tardis.

More coolness!

And even the treats were nerd-themed. I admire a couple who is willing to show to the world who they are. That's one thing about attending our local Comic Con that I've loved! The people absolutely cherish the opportunity to spend time with like-minded individuals. They dress how they want to, even though they may not look the Hollywood counterparts (but, then again, how many of us look like Hollywood stars? Not many...). They also respect the other people in the hall who are doing the same thing they are--having a wonderful time and not caring what other people think.

Back in the day, I know that if people confessed their love publicly for all things nerd, they would be torn apart by closed-minded people. They'd be ridiculed, mocked, disparaged. People who do this probably still exist--hopefully they're fewer than they once were. But I think, with more and more people not caring what others think, those belittling lose their power, as if they really ever had it to begin with.

Congrats, Ailwynne and Michael, for your wedding and for embracing your inner nerds!

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