Thursday, May 10, 2018

One-Hundred And Three Seconds Of Unparalleled Beauty...And Truth

The world has different definitions for us, what we do, and who we are. We're called workers, farmers, volunteers, spectators, artists, philosophers, criminals, liars, and everything in between. These definitions, as I suppose they have throughout all time, have changed, altered for various reasons, perhaps no more so than to make ourselves feel comfortable.

But some definitions cannot change even though some think they do. A kind person will always be kind, evil will always be evil, and a mother will always be a creator of life--first and foremost--no matter what other labels or connotations society feels it needs to apply to the term. Many times, the simplest definition is the most appropriate.

I came across a video today produced by a church. It happens to be the church of which I am a member, but who created the message is less important than the message. It's titled, Just A Mom. You can access the video: HERE. The screenshots on this post are from the video. It's 103 seconds long. It's beautiful. And most importantly, it's true.

Click it, download it, share it. Let the message wash over you, and realize, to say a mother is just a mom, you've said the most the most profound thing in the history of humanity. I know this is a video rolled out just before Mother's Day. But it can and should be seen and experienced every day, because Mother's Day--and mothers--are that important. Without them, there's nothing.

* Pictures and video used without permission from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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