Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Little Inspiration...A Little Practice...A Little Advertising

Since my day-to-day hasn't changed much because of all this insanity, I'm finding it very interesting to see how people are coping. I have many friends from the theater and boy, are they filling the web with incredible music. I have writers who are are sending out word games and chances to enhance their creativity.

And I have one particular friend, Dave Butler, who does both--creates words and music.

As I was working, I noticed Dave doing a mini-concert on Facebook. He sang a couple of songs, complete with commentary. I had a break coming up so I dug out my guitars from storage and strummed a bit--just enough to cause irritation to my non-calloused fingertips. 

No sooner had I placed the guitars on their cases when I saw an e-mail pop up from Fender. Last year I signed up for a free one-month trial of Fender Play so they have my e-mail information. Actually, I enjoyed the program and had I the disposable income, I'd have stuck with it.

So, as I worked Thursday, I was hit with inspiration, concentration, then manipulation...

In that order.

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