Sunday, April 12, 2020

Our First Sidewalk Sale...

So much has changed this spring. Normally, after some early morning yard work, I might drive down to our local thrift store to possibly drop off some things and go inside to pick up some things. Another past time I enjoy on a beautiful spring weekend morning is checking out a local yard sale.

Not many of those taking place now.

And that's a shame.

There was, however, one local entrepreneur out in front of his house with product available. We held our first Saturday Sidewalk Sale. 

This is our youngest's business. He did the work to get the plants started. We're hoping he uses this experience to learn about costs and risks and organization, and saving. It's interesting--a few days ago I blogged about my first job was planting starts in flats in a nursery. 

My son had a couple of sales. We're hoping to take the lessons we learned from last weekend to see how to reach more people for the next sidewalk sale. That's what's amazing about having a business, even a small one. The things you learn about others, about yourself, is amazing.

I don't know if my son expected to sell out everything. I know he would love the $$$ if he did. But $$$ comes with work, adjustments, improvisation, and maybe a bit of humility. So, next time we'll pull out the table, set up the goods and see what happens....

At our Second Sidewalk Sale.

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