Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Elder's Quorum Party...

The Elder's Quorum Party
It had been a while...a long while since the elders got together for an evening of food and camaraderie. It was decided Friday, the 11th of November would be the day.

We arrived early and set things up. Actually, I didn't do a lot of the set-up, but I did help. The biggest coup for the event was the already-set-up decorations. Imaging--decorations at an elder's party...!? We were lucky there was a previous party in the building...a kid's birthday party. Personally, I liked the planets and flying saucers motif. Nothing says Veterans Day party like sci-fi decorations...

The party involved a cook-off. We asked people to bring their favorite dish and everyone was invited to sample each dish. We held a vote and the winners were announced (and their food was FANTASTIC, by the way...).


While the adults conversed and enjoyed each others company and food, the children watched a bishop-approved video in the nursery room. I didn't ask any of the smaller people, but I think they had a good time too...

We don't gather that often. Maybe we should have more events like we had last night. But if past is prologue, we probably won't.

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