Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Voting...What's The Cost?


Voting...What's The Cost?

"So, where do we vote?" I asked my wife because I honestly didn't know. We weren't sure, but we eventually found it and we went in and voted. Since this was an off-year for voting, there were only two issues on the ballot--city council and water district officials.

As we left the building we were given the obligatory "I Voted" stickers and a strange thought came to mind. 'I wonder how much this sticker cost?' The thought sounded strange to me, but then I began thinking about it...how much does it cost to vote?

There's, of course, the cost to put on an election, the cost of signs and the like. There's the cost of our time. But then, when you think about what voting means to a society, it literally cost some the ultimate cost--their lives. I didn't know most of the people for whom I voted, but I do know I'm glad I did it. Happy Voting Day, everyone!

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