Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Through The Kitchen Window...

Through The Kitchen Window... 

My in-laws built their home about eight years before we did. They found a building lot on the hill and took full advantage of their incredible view. They offered us some advice when we were designing our home and how we would fit it on our building lot.


One suggestion we received was to have a window over the kitchen sink so we could have a great view of the valley. When I got home tonight I hurried onto the back deck and took a few photos. Because the resolution on the back of my little camera, I don't really know until I download the pictures on to my computer if I got any good shots. I took the pictures then came inside, hoping some looked good.

About a half hour later, I found myself in front of our kitchen window (our kitchen window is smaller than my in-laws, but still gives us a nice view...) and I happened to look outside. The bright sunset I saw earlier had changed. The sky had darkened and the colors cooled. In short, it looked amazing. I only wish I could have caught better shots of the evening sky. Thanks goodness (and in-laws...) for that kitchen window.

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