Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shakespeare As Told By Teenagers...

Shakespeare As Told By Teenagers...

Imagine memorizing pages and pages of script to perform a show where few will actually see the performances. Now imagine the author of the script is William Shakespeare and you're a teenager and there are only about 10 rehearsals until opening night.

I am working with a group of teenagers as they put on Shakespeare's Loves' Labours Lost. The kids have been working on the project for a few months already and they have done very well so far with it. I've participated in several productions over the yeas and I sit and I am in awe as I watch these youngsters repeat these complicated lines of old English text. It's amazing.

Last year I was in charge of many of the same kids as we put on our show. This year, I'm a helper to a director who is doing a wonderful job. I like being a helper. I think the current director has better control over the actors than I did (they can be a handful, at times).

The show will be put on in January 2012 and these kids will be ready when the lights dim and the butterflies in the stomach churn and the parents proudly watch their offspring as their camcorders silently record their actions for posterity (a la Facebook and blog posts...). Please let me know if you're interested in seeing the show. I'll hook you up. It's going to be another great show.

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