Thursday, November 17, 2011

St. George...2

Here's more of the beginning scene I started yesterday. If you have any input, I'd love any feedback (all writers CRAVE feedback...). And the picture really doesn't have anything to do with the story...

St. George...Continued

            “And be sure to be back by 4—I’ve got to pick up your brother from practice!” Molly yelled mostly to a closed front door. By the time the last words left her mother’s mouth Nicki already had the key turned in the ignition, the aging transmission in gear, and her right food pushed to the floor. In a few minutes she’d be with Brad and the thought allowed a small gleeful sound to escape her excited lips.
            The sound of the door closing and the car rapidly leaving brought Molly back to reality. Oh! The phone, the mother thought and she brought the phone up to her ear. “MarLinda,” Molly said apologetically. “I’m so sorry about that. Yes, that was Nicki…” Molly paused as her friend spoke. “How did you hear about Brad?”

            Just as Molly hung up the phone and thought of spending time with their friend and past next-door-neighbor, Clarence opened the door to the home’s basement where the family father kept his office and chemical laboratory. Molly welcomed the interruption from a half-finished load of dirty dishes.
            “Mother?” Clarence asked. “Do we have a cat?”
            “A cat? Heaven’s no!” Molly replied with a laugh.
            “That’s good,” Clarence said relieved.
            “Speaking of good,” Molly said instantly upbeat. “I just got a call from the Larsens in St. George.”
            The look the husband gave his wife told her of his confusion. “The Larsens?” Clarence said. “Which ones?”
            “You know, the Larsens…Dan and MarLinda…” Molly was sure her husband would recognize them now. A further look from Clarence told her no.
            “No…oh no, not that Dan and MarLinda…Dan and MarLinda from Panguitch. The twinkle in her husband’s eyes told Molly communication had occurred.
            “So, how are they doing? Haven’t seen them in, what…10 years or so?” Clarence said as he grabbed one of a few remaining clean glasses from the cupboard and got himself a glass of lukewarm tap water.
            “About that,” Molly said. “They’re doing great! And,” Molly paused for effect. “They have eight kids, too!”
            “Wonderful…good thing someone other than us are multiplying and replenishing the earth.” The phrase always made Clarence chuckle. This time proved no different.
            “Actually, they called to see if we were busy this weekend. They would like us to perform at a fund raiser they’re having in St. George.”
            Clarence uttered a grunt as he downed the water while walking to the fridge. With the water gone, Clarence said, “Well, let’s just check the schedule, shall we?” Clarence he peered over his thick glasses and smoothed back his graying hair with his free hand. He then looked at the same piece of paper hanging on the fridge that his wife eyed only minutes before.
            “Looks like we’re available!” Clarence proclaimed.
            “That’s what I told them,” Molly beamed back.
            “Why don’t you call her back and tell her it’s a deal?!” Clarence moved to the kitchen table and lowered himself with an audible expulsion of air from his lungs. “After lunch, I’ll go get the bus ready for the trip. Speaking of which, what’s for lunch?” he asked his wife before she could pick up the phone and dial her once-close friend.
            “Well,” Molly said as she opened the refrigerator door. “Nicki brought back some hamburger after her date with Brad last night.”
            “That sounds great!” Clarence’s day was looking up after all.

To be continued...

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