Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lights Of The Season...

Lights Of The Season...

We live on a dead-end street, just half a dozen homes on the side of a hill above a dead lake in the desert. Though considered affluent by many people's standards, I think it's a humble little cul-de-sac, especially when in comparison to other homes in the town.

We drove out tonight to the flats and as we drove closer and closer to our street the lights of the homes in the valley and on the hill were illuminated with Christmas lights.

Our street lights will not overwhelm anyone, or in the very least, not many people. But to me, the lights overpower me with a sense of home and comfort and warmth and family. As a child I watched each and every house on our street be built. I've seen families move in and move out, people leave and people die, children grow up, marry and have families of their own.

Tonight I peered out my bedroom window and the crisp air bit at the skin on my face. I toggled with the limited controls of the camera and snapped a couple of shots hoping, in some small way, to capture the feeling I had as I piloted my car to its assigned spot in our driveway. I know the pictures fall short of this goal, but it's what I felt and what I thought I'd share with you. I hope if you choose to put up lights to help celebrate the season, memories--good memories--come back to you for you to embrace and hold forever in your heart.

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