Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Canoe…The Perfect Boat

 As a kid whenever we went on a family outing (on my mother’s side of the family…) a canoe always seemed to be part of the fun. My mom’s brothers had canoes and it was a rare event when we didn’t have them with us (anyone remember the Great Canoe Race?). We did a lot of camping and hiking whenever we got together, and we did a lot of canoeing.

Now I’m not completely sure if I can attribute this quote to my Uncle Arlin, but I’m pretty sure he said it. And if he didn’t say it, he would agree with it. A canoe is probably the most perfect boat ever designed by man (the ark doesn’t count—it was designed by someone else…).

An experienced canoeist can glide across a lake of glass-smooth water silently. A canoe can be put on almost any car ever made, and it doesn’t cost a ramp fee to get it into the water. A canoe can be propelled by one person, or two or even more. It can ferry cargo. It can be powered by a motor or just with oars. You can fish from it, run rapids in it, and admire its symmetrical beauty.

Whether or not my uncle said it, it is absolutely true. A canoe is a perfect boat.