Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Phone Call In The Suburbs, A Short Story...

Another Writer Wednesday Blog Hop Story

The last couple of weeks, the picture and words used for the weekly writing prompt have been challenging. This week's picture and words to use are challenging as well, but in a different way--it's a more "normal" photo.

The Rules again: must use the above picture in the story, the story can only be 500 words or less, the story must be linked to their website (located: HERE) and the following five words must be inserted in the story. This week's words are:


It's all in good fun. If you want to give it a try, please do! They're as much fun to read as they are to write. Enjoy!

Phone Call In The Suburbs

           “Hello?” an exhausted Penney Lewis said after lunging at the phone on what had to be the call’s last ring. Uh oh, Penney thought as no one immediately responded. Had she not been putting down the baby for its afternoon nap, she could have glanced at the Caller I.D. information, but she was expecting a call from her husband who promised to call each day he was out of town (she just loved his devotion…).
          I should just hang up, Penney thought, but a voice stopped her.
          “Miss Lewis?”
          “This is Mrs. Lewis,” Penney shot back with words dusted with just the right amount of acridity.
          “Yes, of course, I am so sorry, my mom always told me….” As the man continued to apologize Penney turned the handset and glanced at the digital information ablaze on the phone’s small display window and was shocked to see the words, Tom McCaffry For Senate. Penney returned the phone to her right ear.
          “…so I understand if you don’t have the time to talk right now.”
          “Oh, no…I definitely have the time.”
          “That’s good. My name’s Steve Barnes and I work for the Elect Tom McCaffry committee.
          “Hello, Steve.”
          “Ah, hello back,” Steve said with a small chuckle. “Like I mentioned, I work for the McCaffry campaign and I’d like to ask you a few questions.”
          “Shoot, Steve…what cha got?” Penney said as she took a seat at the family’s kitchen table.
           “Ok. I don’t know how much you know of Mr. McCaffry’s opponent, but Chad Lewis has released several statements that are basically untrue. He’s spread smear attack after smear attack at Mr. McCaffry’s reputation.”
          “I’m not really that political, Steve,” Penney said with a smile.
          “I understand. If I didn’t have this job, I wouldn’t be either,” Steve’s counterfeit claim was not believed by neither Steve nor Penney. “The best way to get educated on the subject is to go to our website, and read all about it.”
          “Oh, I will—you can be sure of that!”
          “Excellent!” Steve said genuinely pleased that his call may prove worthwhile after all. “And Mrs. Lewis, how would you feel about placing a “McCaffry for Senate” sign in your yard?”
          “I might have to draw the line at that,” Penney said trying desperately hard not to bust out laughing. We live in the suburbs and a sign like that might produce a heckle or two from some of my neighbors. Many here are Lewis supporters.”
          “Well, if you change your mind, go to the website and just order one. We’ll get it right out to your hou…” Steve’s voice was interrupted by two beeps. Penney knew it was her husband calling.
          “Steve? I’m sorry I’ve got to go. My husband Chad is calling and I’m sure he’ll be very interested in your call.”
          “Chad? You’re husband’s name is Chad?”
          “That’s right, honey. You have a good day now.” Penney clicked the phone. “Chad—you won’t believe who just called.”


  1. Love your usage of this weeks words and the ending where we learn that McCaffrey's opponent, Chad, is Penney's husband.

    1. Thanks Tena--all those calls we get, it was the first thing I thought about when I saw the picture.

  2. Perfect post for the times. :) I love Penney's humor.

    1. Thanks Carrie! And I do agree with you!

  3. Oh what a cool surprise!!!! I loved the ending to this!!!

    1. I hope you were surprised. I kept thinking that the second the guy on the phone said "Lewis" the ending would be obvious. Thanks!