Thursday, July 5, 2012

Michaelbrent Collings, Author, Podcast Guest

Podcast #2 Is Up And Running!

I met Michaelbrent Collings in March of this year (I think it was March...). He and another screenwriter, Blake Casselman gave a workshop on screenwriting. They did an excellent job. It took a while for me to realize that Michaelbrent was the same person I had seen give a panel discussion the day before in which he spoke of the numerous books he had written. In short, the guy writes and he writes A LOT.

So when I thought about writers who could help contribute to my fledgling podcast, his name came to mind and let me tell you, a nicer participant I could not have asked for. He was gracious, accommodating, and went above and beyond to help contribute of my 2nd podcast ever.

If you don't know who Michaelbrent is, just go to his website: HERE. You'll find all about the books he's written. His genre of choice? Horror. And if the first chapter of his latest book is any indication, he's good at eliciting a response. 

Check out Michaelbrent reading the first chapter of his latest book Apparition. You'll find the link: HERE. Yeah, it's creepy, but that's what he was going for.

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