Monday, July 16, 2012

But Will You Buy It?

Shopping. We needed to get some shopping done tonight and on my way back from the frozen vegetables at Harmons, I noticed a table full of "promotional items." I asked myself as I stopped and took a few pictures, does a catchy saying or shinny colors really help to move the products?

The table included such items as aprons, garnish tables, pie tins, plates and cups. There were other things, but they didn't strike my fancy (I guess I wouldn't even think about buying those...). 

Could I use an apron on the rare (no pun intended...) occasion that I do grill? Probably. But unless we're "entertaining" eaters other than my family, I would probably never wear it. So, the catch saying on the apron makes sense for some, I suppose.

"Let's Eat" plates and "What Happens At The Barbecue Stays At The Barbecue" cups...I mean, they're cute,, not for me. Maybe my kids would like them--pretty sure they would.

One thing that did catch my eye (but not for the price--even after the savings is factored into the decision...) was the American Apply Pie plate. Nice. It has a recipe printed right on the plate. So, in the end, it's a very expensive recipe. Might make a nice wedding present, though...

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