Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Son, The Archer...

I guess when you're a dad and you stop learning something new every day about your kids, something might be wrong. This morning I watched my son take a shot (or several...) at a target with a bow and arrow. I was impressed. Now I'm not saying he was a prodigy, or any thing like that. But I'm also not saying he's not. All I know is I watched him stand still, steady the bow, aim and fire. The kids were earning their archery merit badge and my son did pretty well.

So what was my first thought? I should probably run out and buy him a bow so he can practice and practice all day, all week, all month. He's sure to make the Olympic team in 2016...Okay, I didn't actually think that, but the thought of finding him a bow did cross my mind. I asked him if he wanted us to find him a bow for him (I wonder if you can find a bow at the D.I...probably not). He shrugged his shoulders and gave me the "I don't know" look.

This may end up being a one-time thing. I mean, he's earned his badge. Does he really need to shoot an arrow ever again in his life? Maybe...maybe...