Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why Do We Love Fireworks?

We used to live in a world where the Lagoon Amusement Park set off Fireworks at least twice a year, the 4th and the 24th of July. A few years ago they discontinued this tradition, a tradition almost as important to those of us living in the area as the Utah-BYU football game...almost. When the neighborhood--and the trees--were younger, people would line our street with their cars and watch chemicals mixed in the proper proportions explode and illuminate the valley.


But those days are gone, I think, forever. It's really a shame. However, not all is lost. Enter the city were we live. They have saved us and even though it's only one day a year, watching fireworks from your porch or driveway is wonderful. Last night I snapped a couple of pictures and tapes a couple of minutes of video and that's what I'm putting on my blog today.

Of course, all this information fails to answer the question set forth in the blog's title...why do we love fireworks? Is it the colors? Is it the lights? The sounds? Is it the feeling that comes over you as your face lights up and the explosions echo off the valley floors and if you're close enough, they rattle in your chest?

Yes...yes it is.

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