Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Will $6 Get You?


Six dollars...depending on who you are (and, more importantly, your condition at any given moment...) $6.00 isn't very much. Tonight I loaded up the kids and we headed south, to a place where the purchasing power of $6 can be surprising.

Of course, the old saying that, "one man's garbage is another man's treasure," is alive and kicking once one enters the automatic doors of the Deseret Industries (D.I.) and the A/C flows over you offering an almost "born again" feeling to the masses. One person can enter the store and see nothing but another man's (and woman's and child's...) garbage. Unfortunately, I lack this persepctive.

Let's see...what did we get for $6? I picked up a couple of items. A 4-port USB hub (which lacked the AC charger...something I found out only after I got home). I also bought a zippered binder on a whim. Turns out my whim was correct. My MacBook Pro does fit inside it. I guess I won't have to buy one of those fancy covers sold only at the Apple Store after all...(personal win!)

The kids got a pair of sunglasses--very stylish, a purse for the daughter, and a Beanie Baby snake and a card reader for my other son. And one day when we clean out the house, these--and many others--may just be donated to the same organization. And the whole thing begins all over again. Forget "The Lion King," this is the real Circle of Life (or maybe it's the Circle of Garbage...). 


  1. I was wondering where the sibling for our beanie baby snake was!

    1. Yup! Found it! There's probably a whole Beanie Baby Snake pit somewhere we don't know about. ;)