Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Slowly Disappearing School...

Several decades ago my parents bought a plot of land on the hill. And located just two blocks away was a school, the town's only elementary school. I attended that school for three years.

As things happen, progress came to our little town in the form of a new, shiny, improved, elementary school and we all left the ancient two story edifice and relocated. The city (or the school district...) tore down the old school leaving only parts of where education once flourished. 

Last year the school district tore down another part of the school and began construction on a new building. This week they began demolition on the remaining structure. It's odd to watch memories be destroyed by large machines and if we live long enough eventually it will all be gone. It's taken almost 40 years for the school I first attended to disappear. But, boy... the new building sure is nice.


  1. I did a blog post when they tore MY elementary school down and built a new one ( ... your wife commented on my post (she had gone to kindergarten there). It was elementary for me and all my siblings. I'd really like to take a tour of the new school, but haven't yet. It's always a little hard for me to see something go, even if it's replaced with new and better things.

    1. I distinctly remember being upset when they tore down the old old school back in '72 or 73. I'm sure the building was probably falling down (I think it was built in 1910 or something like that...). Sure wish it was there still. Maybe had we waited 20 years they might have saved it. So I'm with you on the seeing old things go thing.