Monday, July 9, 2012

The "Continued" Party...

A few months ago, several, in fact, friends invited us over to their apartment for a Family Home Evening "get-together." We all had a good time, so much so, we promised the party was not ending, but only being interrupted and we would resume the party at our house.

Months passed and things got busy as things tend to do. We actually set up a couple of times to have the friends over, but I think they canceled first (someone--or everyone--in the family was sick) and then we canceled for the same reason. My friend contacted me a few weeks ago and after chatting for a bit, we decided to try once more the continuation of the party.

Tonight they came over and we had another great time. I sometimes watch these shows where people are buying new homes and inevitably, they ALL say, "We need a big kitchen because we LOVE to entertain." Each time I hear that I roll my eyes. Maybe it's true...maybe everyone in the world entertains by having hoards of friends over all the time--everyone but us, that is. I guess we entertain, just not as often. We had a fun night.

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