Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hospital Food...

I work in a location where a person can walk, within a relatively short period of time, to any number of eating establishments, and if in a car, truck, or motorcycle, that same person can eat almost any type of food in any price range.

So why do we go to the hospital for lunch? I mean, who voluntarily eats hospital food? Like airline food hospital food is the butt of many a culinary joke. Just across the street from where I work is a hospital and inside the hospital is a cafeteria. A couple of co-workers have been going to the hospital for lunch for about a year. Many times they pick up breakfast as well...

Me? I eat breakfast at my desk and usually bring left-overs from home for lunch, but on occasion I have joined the group and bought lunch. Today was one of those days. The cafeteria has a hot plate station, a sandwich station, a soup station as well as pre-made meals. Today...today was a soup day, and the soup was good. Now, I don't know if the food they give the paying customers is the same food given to the patients and paid by various insurance companies. If it is, then maybe hospital food doesn't deserve its reputation. At least, not in the one we go to.


  1. Obviously we won't be letting you walk behind us any more!! HAHA! :D

    1. I was taking pictures of the cafeteria... you guys just happened to be, well...in the shot. ;)

  2. Hey I recognize those backsides! :)