Saturday, July 28, 2012

Davis High Track...Tradition

A few weeks ago I attended a parade (and even made a movie trailer about can read the article and see the trailer: HERE). At the parade, they passed out copies of the Davis County Clipper, a paper for which I used to work as a reporter. And  in that paper were several articles about Davis High School. For good reason.

Davis High School is kind of a powerhouse when it comes to sports. I'm not saying they dominate in every sport. They don't. Last year Davis teams played in several state finals and they finished second in most of them. The fact they made it to the finals in most state high school sports is quite an accomplishment.

This year Davis took state in both boy's and girl's track. Back in the day I ran track--I wasn't very good--but I loved it. Davis had some of the best talent in the state back then. Looks like the tradition continues.

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