Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Utah Fan Is He...

I've got one week under my belt at my new job and I've notice some things. Some things are subtle, but some are not. In the cubicle next to mine sit a University of Utah fan. He's not subtle.

How can I tell? It's pretty obvious, really. It's like the University of Utah threw up on his cubicle. He's got the usual things, posters from the football team, the gymnastics team, the women's basketball team. He's also got miniature figurines of both the Huntsman Center where the Utes play basketball and the Rice-Eccles Stadium where the Utes play football.

In addition, he's got a red skull...not sure if that's connected to the school (other than its color...). Also, he has signed posters from at lest one of the Ute's teams and another signed photo from the football coach. It's quite impressive.

Unless you're not a Utah fan. My former supervisor is one such person. He roots for another team, a team with colors very much opposite of red (or crimson...). He roots for the other team, the blue team. In the week since I began at my new job I've walked all around the floor where I work...there's not a lot of blue to be found.

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