Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Wonder Of White Chocolate...

Unlike Sheldon Cooper, I do not have an eidetic memory. I can't remember when I first ate white chocolate, but I think I remember that it might have been the best thing I ever tasted--to that point--in my life. Regular chocolate we ate a lot. White was a rare treat.

My father brought home white chocolate for us kids, at least I think it was him. Some of my earliest remembrances are of him working on base. He was a civilian engineer and remained so until he passed away. I remember the base being a big mysterious place for me, the few times I went there as a child. He would bring interesting things home from the base. Was white chocolate one of those interesting things? Probably not, but I'd like to think so.

Today my son gave me a couple of Lindor's chocolates. I tried the first--regular chocolate. It was good, but the gold wrapper contained white chocolate. For an instant I was transported back to when I was about five years old (maybe younger...) and experienced that incredible taste for the first time. And in that moment, I thought of my dad. Funny how memories work...

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