Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some Things, Have Changed...

This new job is consuming my thoughts (which is strange considering the show I'm in opens in just over two weeks, the charity ski event takes place in a week and a half, and massive work on the short story that's going to be published next month needs to be done as soon as possible...). Why do so many thing sometimes converge at once?

The new job is a bit strange. Maybe it's the way things are done at my new job that I find interesting. Things have changed since I last worked in this building. One thing that surprised me is seeing many many workers walking around texting on their phones. Now, you may be thinking that perhaps these people are playing games, or some other non-work related activity. Personally, I don't think so. Many assignments and calendar events are communicated through cell phones. They're working.

Everyday this week we've had a team meeting from 1pm to 5pm. It's been interesting. Of course, I am working with a bunch of computer geniuses and they're...well, different. I guess some things have changed and I just need to get used to it...

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