Monday, February 11, 2013

Cubicles, It's Where We Work...

I began a new job today. There were many new adventures to experience and many new people to meet and work with. But with any new assignment for most of us in our modern world, the cubicle becomes an issue. It's where we spend a lot of our lives.

I understand that many things associated with my new job are still in flux. The department has had to struggle to find places for us to sit and computers to be installed. I'm a patient man, at least, I think so. We were shown the general area where we'd sit and which cubicle was mine and so I placed my stuff down and went to meetings.

When I came back from the last meeting of the day, a cubicle I thought was assigned to me was assigned to another new employee. No big deal...I then found where I was going to sit. That's when I got confused. Look at the picture of the cubicle above. Now imagine there being two computer monitors in that space--one near where the coat is and one where the bag is. That's where I'm going to work, in 1/2 that space.

Now, like I said, it's really not a big deal (no pun intended...). The organization is giving me a place to work, assignments, and perhaps, most importantly, a paycheck. I am a fortunate person. And who knows what tomorrow will bring? There were some good things about my co-workers...there were many, many U of U fans.

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