Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Writing House...

There is a house, a Writing House where everyone is writing... Yesterday I dropped off three of my kids at this house for their weekly writing class. It's for teenagers, but I've hung out a time or two with them while they chatted, critiqued, and basically had a great time.

Several who live in this house are writers (one even a published writer), and several who come to visit are writers, even published writers. The teenagers who come for instruction hope to one day call themselves published writers. The kids discuss their class as I drive them home. From time to time I'll ask them about their stories. They're hard to pin down sometimes--they have so many different works in progress.

Even if I knew nothing else about the family living in this house, I would know that they are good people. They've created a place where my kids feel safe--where they trust each other. In this house my kids feel good about themselves and about the things they've created. There are so many teenagers who desperately need just such a place.

There is a house, a Writing House where everyone is writing. Thank you Hovleys. Thank you very much!

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  1. Aww! Scott, this makes my day. Thank you! My association with your talented children, and with you, means so much to me.