Sunday, February 17, 2013


Friday morning I had an I/M conversation with my editor. It went something like this...

"Have you thought about _______?"

"I've considered several things."

"May I suggest ______."

"Wow! I hadn't considered ______, but I can see where making those changes will make _____ and ______ and it will add more to the story and make more sense."

So, after many more I/M's...

"Good, so when can you get those changes to me?"


Sure...Monday morning sounds great."

Couple of things...first--I'm still geeking out that I'm able to write the following sentence. "Friday morning I had an I/M conversation with my editor..." I've never had an editor before.

And second, I had only part of Friday and part of Saturday to do some major editing. I stayed up last night working on the story. Once the clock struck midnight I stopped. I made a decision back in grad school that I wouldn't do any writing (for profit or potential profit...) or homework on Sundays. The process has served me well so far.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to wake up early...or I might stay up late and do some editing after midnight tonight...and work on my project. I hope I'm making progress.

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