Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Old Habits Die Hard...


Yesterday I began working in a building where I worked for 10 years. It's been five years since I was there. I spent the first 2 hours trying to get my card key to allow me access to the floor where I was to work.

What does this have to do with the picture of a set of stairs? Good question. You see, when I worked in the building years ago I used to take the stairs, as much as I possibly could. Back then I worked on both the 4th floor and then the 3rd floor. Now, I'm on the 6th floor.

When I came to work this morning I took the stairs, just like I used to do--a habit, if you will. About floor 4 it hit me...I'm no longer as young as I used to be. I don't remember being so winded back in the day. I don't remember my shoulder hurting from the weight of my computer bag. Things had definitely changed.

But, it's only Day 2. Hopefully after a few weeks or months I'll be able to reach the summit of the 6th floor. On a good note, a co-worker I just met yesterday said he thought I was 34 years old...

* Imaged used without permission from: http://adacompliancereview.com/products/stairs-sign/

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