Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Skiing With My Son...

When I was my son's age I used to go skiing almost every weekend. It was part of our culture. We went to high school, we went to football games in the fall and we skied in the winter. Of course, back then a lift ticket costs around $10, $20 + for the more expensive resorts. All my friends skied. It's what we did. 

In the past 20 years I've skied (counting today...) three times, twice last year and today. I have the opportunity to go skiing with my son. He's gone three times (twice last year and today...) in his entire life. My son's lived a different childhood than the mine. He didn't attend high school. He didn't go to high school football games on Friday nights and he didn't go skiing every weekend.

As I rode up the lift at Snowbasin, I remembered when I first learned to ski. It was on the same run, riding the same lift. I pointed out the "tougher" runs and how we thought we had really made it wen we could ski those tougher runs. It brought back so many memories. But for all the time I spent skiing with friends, for all of my mother's money I spent on lift tickets, I think I'd give it all up to spend the day on the slopes making turns of freshly groomed runs watching my oldest learn how to ski. What a great day!

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