Friday, February 22, 2013

My Son's Latest...Chapter One

I read the beginning of my son's story and I liked it so I asked him if I could include it for my blog post. He said sure.

Chapter One
A Voice In The Night

“Admiral Noki’s request for surrender was denied, of course,” Sifu Lee said, “And the war raged on for eight more months.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought. Denied surrender, eight months, blah, blah, blah, we get it. I glanced at the clock. The class had started when the big hand reached the Jungle of Six and ended when it reached Twelve Summit. Right now, the big hand was just entering the Valley of Seven. It’s really only been four minutes? I leaned my head on the back of my chair and moaned. I’m never going to make it through this. 

“Pupil Aang?

I shot up. “Yes, Sifu?” 

“Dozing, are we?” 

“Nah, just him,” Sokka said from the back of the room.
“Extra homework. Read chapters one and two of The Soggy Revolution; the Revolution of
the Northern Water Tribe, and brush up on the Fire Stones, we’ll have a test tomorrow.”
Everyone in the class groaned. I was going to get some looks in the cafeteria.

“Okay, if you’ve had your beauty sleep, we’ll continue with the lesson. Now then,
three weeks after the war ended, Ji Long invented the ji-Tone and programmed the ji-Tones
Cyber-market all by him—”

I tuned him out and fished my buzzing sky-blue phone out of my pocket.

            Zu-Zu: How’s sixth period history?
Master Arrowhead: Slower than a snail-mouse.

  Zu-Zu: Can’t be worse than Headmaster Kai’s The World Through Mario cart7 The Paintbrush.

 Master Arrowhead: I don’t doubt it.
 Ty Lee: Sifu Tsu gives us a five minute Webscroll break                                                every day. That gives cheerleading a plus.

Mai: Lucky.
Zu-Zu: Hey, you got a profile Mai?

Mai: Yeah, finally.

Katara: Congratulations.

Headmaster Jeong Jeong: Are you on Webscroll during school hours,                                             students?
Master Arrowhead: Sorry, headmaster.

I stuffed my phone back in my pocket. I wasn’t going to get detention today. I had plans to go to the Ember Island Players with Katara and Sokka.

“And in a manner of three months,” Sifu Lee continued. “Everyone in the Earth kingdom had bought a ji-Talk.”

The lunch bell rang and everyone got up and grabbed their backpacks..

“Huh?” I said, looking at the clock again. 12:00. Time flies when you’re on Webscroll, I guess. I stood up and gathered my things.

“Remember, class, thanks to sleepyhead here, we’ll be having a test on the War of the Fire Stones tomorrow.”

Everyone grumbled and walked out the door.

As I was walking out, someone pulled on the back of my shirt. I fell on my back and papers flew everywhere. Sifu Lee leaned over his desk. “Is there a problem, pupil Aang?”

Giggles rang through the hall. I sat up and looked behind me. “Hey,” I said. “What’s the matter with—” I stopped. There weren’t any feet. No one was standing there. “—Nobody.”

“Is there a problem, pupil Aang?” Sifu Lee asked again. “Is your head alright?” “Yeah,” I managed. “Yeah, I’m fine.
“Okay, off to lunch with you then.”
I stood up, picked up my papers and walked to the cafeteria.

Lu dropped a glop of scrambled Turtle-duck eggs on my tray. No, they didn’t taste any better than the janitor’s favorite floor wax, but anything was better than roasted Eel-hound.

As I walked to my table, a green blur thwacked my right leg. I turned and saw the school bullies, Chit Sang and Jet, each holding a light green ball.

“No!” Lu screamed. “My cabbages!”

“Thugs,” I said, putting my tray down on the nearest table. Turning toward the bullies, I flicked my wrist up and bent the ground underneath them just enough throw them off balance and send falling to the floor. Their faces landed in their food. I smirked, picked up my tray, and walked to my table.

“Mmm,” Ty Lee said, snarfing down her Eel-hound. “I feel bad for you, Aang.” “Why?” I asked, sitting at the edge of the table next to Zuko.
“You’re a vegetarian. You can’t eat this stuff.”
“Well,” I took a bite of eggs. “I can, I just choose not to.”

“Yeah, okay.”
“Hey, Aang?” Sokka asked, walking over to the table. “What was that back in history? “I don’t know, something grabbed the back of my shirt.”
“What? What happened?” Katara asked

Sokka gestured to me with his head. “He fell down on the way out of class.”
“You okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine, I just-something grabbed the back of my shirt.” I took another bite of my

eggs. “You exited for the Ember Island Players tonight?” “Oh yeah.”

“What?” Zuko asked. “I thought you hated them.” “I do, but they’re fun to make fun of.”

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