Friday, June 26, 2015

Camp Kiesel...Just What I Needed

Today, while breaking news hit--news, it appears, that everyone has expressed their opinion on, I was in the mountains, away from it all. No cell phones, no internet access, no distractions.

It was fantastic!

I spent the day at Camp Kiesel, just east of the little town of Huntsville in northern Utah. I went with a contingent of youths from the neighborhood with a couple of other leaders and it was simply beautiful up there. Unfortunately, it was not much cooler in the higher elevations today, but being away from it all did me good.

And the kids had a good time, too. The big three activities, archery, boating and BB gun shooting were the highlights of the day, but other things--learning about first aid, governments, even rocks of the earth were informative and interesting.

So, when big news is about to hit, I recommend heading up to the mountains where there's no phones and no internet access. But be sure to bring your camera along so you can capture some wonderful memories.

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