Thursday, June 11, 2015

Like Moths (Or Humans...) To A Flame...

An explosion in our neighborhood sort of shook things up a little bit at our house this afternoon. It was just a few houses down the next street so I decided to go down and have a look. The event took place an hour or so after I got home so things were pretty much settled down.

From what I understand and from local news reports no one was seriously injured, but one man was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. I hope he'll be okay.

Before I left my house to investigate, I thought I should grab my good camera. I take my camera with me when I go for a walk at work. You never know when you'll get a chance for a great shot. But this afternoon, I had second thoughts. I didn't know if anyone had been seriously injured. From what my wife said about the explosions I thought there might just be a big hole in the ground where a house once stood.

Nope--from the street it wasn't that bad. I guess most of the damage took place in the back yard. I'm glad I didn't take the good camera. There were many law enforcement officers and fire fighters on site and I didn't want to look too ghoulish with a nice camera in hand like I was being opportunistic with another person's tragedy. I did get a couple of shots, though. I snapped these two photos with my phone as I walked away.

I also had another thought as I walked away. Humans are just like insects when we see shiny lights and hear loud sirens. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who wanted to get closer to the scene. There's the natural curiosity, of course. But those big shiny truck sure draw us in.

I wonder, maybe bugs are just curious as they fly into bug zappers, open flames and incandescent lights.


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